Looking to get more enjoyment out of being a home-owner?  Adding a new deck to your property is a fantastic way to enjoy more quality time outdoors, and expand your living space. At Ryan McClellan Construction, we specialize in constructing new decks that are custom built to function as a seamless extension of your existing home.

Using a wide range of durable, quality materials, we offer deck solutions that are beautifully designed, long-lasting, safe, and easy to maintain.  We work closely with you in choosing the right combination of materials and finishes to ensure that all of your standards for appearance and functionality are met.

Built for a variety of purposes, our decks stand the test of time, and are designed to accommodate a variety of different uses including outdoor dining, grilling, parties, and of course, relaxation.  After we’ve completed your project in a timely manner, you can immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of your deck addition, and take advantage of your added space for years to come.